How To Heal Any Wound… No Matter How Deep

Connect today with the powerful healing energy of your personal Angels.

Join us on a path to healing that can free you from the deeply painful experiences of your past.

Release yourself from the damaging negative patterns that have prevented you from reaching your potential… and learn to bring the same freedom and deep healing to others around you.

My name is Melanie Beckler.

I’m a psychic channel, and an internationally acclaimed author and spiritual teacher. I’m so grateful to be speaking with you today.

In 2009, after doing hundreds of readings and one-on-one healing sessions, I started receiving some powerful messages from the Angels.

In these messages, the Angels showed me that, while I had been bringing healing to my own community in a meaningful way, I needed to help others, like you, to learn how to channel Angel Energy Healing.

By empowering you to heal and uplift your own life, you will then be able to heal and empower others.

This was a big step forward.

You see, I wanted to bring Divine energetic clearing to as many people and communities as I could… In fact, I wanted to bring healing to the whole Earth.

I’d been doing it one person and one home at a time, but the Angels showed me that by sharing this amazing healing process with as many people as possible, together we would be able to create a powerful ripple effect of Divine love and light going out into the world.

Today, the incredible angelic messages I’ve received since then have become the Angel Energy Healing training course.

It’s my privilege to have been chosen to channel them for you, and I know this course is going to bring powerful transformation into your world.

The course provides a specific process for you to connect with your Angels… whether you’re an experienced Healer, or you’re looking for your first angelic connection.

Angel Energy Healing will teach you how to receive angelic healing for yourself, so that you can bring deep, rejuvenating healing to others.

If you are an established healer, the process has similarities to Reiki, Theta and Prana energy healing.

Angel Energy Healing is a beautiful stand-alone practice, that also integrates smoothly with other modalities to help you to increase your healing power.

And if you’ve never done energy work before?

Angel Energy Healing will empower you to bring deep healing into your own life, and to gradually bring that same healing to the people around you.

With 9 Energy Healing Audio Sessions, and the Angel Energy Healing Training E-Book, your conscious and unconscious minds will be infused with the insight and awareness that will enable you to deliver focused healing sessions.

You see, the Angels want you, your loved ones, clients and community to be free.

Free from pain, from negativity, from fear and from limiting beliefs.

But many people are anything but free.

They’re tangled up in their pain, unable to move forward with their life or achieve their purpose.

They are trapped by their fears, unable to see the blessings around them, or the potential they could achieve.

They’re stuck in a dark place by their limiting beliefs, unable to realize just how powerful they really are.

And those pains, fears and limiting beliefs create a ripple effect.

People lash out at their loved ones, creating a chain reaction of damage. This damage causes communities to slowly disintegrate, which spreads these negative patterns out into the rest of the world.

People in this kind of pain are severed from the energy of the Universe, the energy that should connect us all in love and understanding.

That disconnect feeds their sense of isolation and fear… and so the terrible cycle continues.

You’ve probably seen this in your own life. Maybe you (or others in your life) have had…

  • Physical injuries or illness that cause ongoing pain and distress
  • Painful experiences inflicted by other people
  • Children who go ‘off the rails’ and bring suffering into their lives
  • Negative patterns of behavior, resulting in damaged relationships, defensiveness and fear
  • Limiting beliefs that stifle potential, creativity, freedom and joy

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You and your loved ones can be free.

You can bring restoration and energetic clearing to your community through your healing practice.

You can help the Angels bring life and love back to the Earth, if only you are willing, and in a few moments, I’m going to share some stories from people like you who have done just that.

If you are an established healer, the Angel Energy Healing Training will amplify your existing practice.

No matter what modalities you currently work with, Angel Energy Healing will add a deep new sense of love and connection to your healing sessions.

The optional Certification at the end of the course also allows you to become a certified Angel Energy Healer, adding a whole new offering to your practice.

(Not only that, but the course will help you throughout the sessions too - it will help you stay energized, positive and free from any energy blockages.)

If you work in a medical profession like nursing, Angel Energy Healing is something powerful you can do ‘behind the scenes’.

If you’re in a hospital or clinic where the emphasis is on aggressive pharmaceutical or surgical practices, you can channel remote healing for your patients to bring Divine light and energy to their treatments.

You’ll be able to let go of any jaded feelings about your work, and bring a deeper, more loving experience to those you are serving.

And even if you’ve never had any experience with energy healing, you can still channel hope and healing for yourself and others, as long as you’re willing.

So if you have a deep desire to heal yourself, your family, friends and community...

If you are willing to put your ego aside, quiet your mind and still your fears…

And if you will open your heart, trust your intuition and set a clear intention for your practice…

The Angels will help you to heal and uplift your own life and others, by connecting more fully with your Higher Self and with the Divine.

This course teaches you to become a conduit for Divine energies to flow through from the Angels to the person receiving the healing.

Now, you might be wondering if this course is right for you.

If you’re thinking…

“I don’t know if this will work for me…I don’t think I’m going to be able to do this…”

“I’m too far gone for the Angels to help me… I don’t think I can ever be healed...”

“I’m already doing lots of healing work… I don’t know if this will help me improve my skills…”

You’re not alone.

Many people have doubts like these, but there are several meditations and exercises throughout the course that will help you to release your fears and overcome those doubts.

You see, you have your own personal Angel Healing team, made up of your guardian angel, your healing guides, and even some Archangels… and they are just waiting for you to invite them into your life.

If you come with a willing heart, the Angels will show up to help you do the work. They will carry you through and help you create a powerful practice.

Your Angels want you to receive the messages you personally need to hear to heal yourself and others, and so do I.

I’ll be with you every step of the way, sharing insights and energy from the Angels that will encourage you and help you to move past your own limitations and blocks… even if you’ve never been able to overcome them in the past.

Access to this course also includes an invitation to the private Angel Energy Healers community.

You’ll join an elite group of spiritual healers who will support you throughout your journey. You’ll also be able to ask me questions directly about connecting with your angels.

The 9 Energy Healing Audio Sessions

There are 9 Energy Healing Audio Sessions you will receive during the Angel Energy Healing Training. These sessions are led by the Angels, and provide the framework for deep healing in your own life, and for the healing you will do with others in the future.

  • Lesson 1: Divine Light Angel Energy Healing Activation
    In this activation session, we invite our guides and angels in, to surround us with Divine light and the energy of unconditional love, to protect and uplift our vibration.                                                            
  • This assists us in quieting our minds, opening our hearts and tuning in to the Divine love, guidance, healing and frequency present in the here and now.
  • This session provides the groundwork for every healing session you will do in the future.
  • Lesson 2: Elevating Your Vibration
    In this vibration session, we invite Archangel Metatron to assist us in lifting higher into the presence of the Divine. He helps you to lift your vibration and elevate your light, so that you may channel angel energy healing more clearly.
  • This empowers you to bring divine presence to all areas of your life, so that your days are infused with the high vibrational frequency of unconditional love and light.
  • This frequency is the key to unlocking your potential to heal and manifest positivity for yourself and others.
  • Lesson 3: Angel Energy Healing Set-Up
    In this key learning session, Orion joins us to show you the next steps on your path to channeling angel energy healing.
  • We begin with a basic set-up process, which you can return to again and again. This process shows you how to invoke Divine light and connect with your personal team of guides and angels.
  • You’ll also learn how to tune in to angel energy healing, and to flow this healing energy of the Divine through your mind, body and spirit. This is the foundational process you’ll use to heal both yourself and others.
  • Lesson 4: Energy Healing With Archangel Muriel
    This session is all about bringing deep love and healing to your own life. Archangel Muriel is present for this energy healing session, to connect you with the healing frequency of the Divine.
  • Your personal angels and guides of healing also gather for this session. They will surround you with a blanket of Divine wellbeing, and broadcast into the present moment, surrounding your aura and your light body with the unconditional love and light of the Divine.
  • This session is very powerful, and prepares you to start channeling Angel Energy Healing for others.
  • Lesson 5: Angel Energy Healing Meditation with Archangel Raphael
    Archangel Raphael is channeled in this session, along with your team of healing guides and angels. Again, they will surround you with divine love and with an orb of healing light.
  • You will learn to tune in to this orb of light energy, and learn to envision it expanding around you. This is the Angel Energy Healing Light, that you can expand outward to surround your clients, and your community.
  • When you’ve learned to tune into this orb, you will experience a deep connection with all that is, and will be able to start bringing that completeness to others.
  • Lesson 6: Angel Energy Healing with Archangel Michael 
    Archangel Michael and your team of guides and angels are present for this session. They surround you with the orb of angel energy healing light, which will remain around you for the rest of the day. This is a unique blend of light, healing and frequency, designed specifically for you.
  • This orb of light works according to Divine will - to cleanse, heal, uplift, and inspire your mind, body, and spirit in the way that will most serve you now for the highest and greatest good. This is another self-healing session.
  • This prepares you at a deeper level to be able to fully heal yourself and others.
  • Lesson 7: Completing Angel Energy Healing For Others
    This session gets into the exact process given by the Angels for you to heal others. We begin by teaching you how to tune into the person you would like to focus your healing on, and how to flow healing towards them.
  • You will learn to connect fully with the light of the Divine, and to experience oneness with the source of all things, which brings healing to the mind, body and spirit.
  • This elevates your vibration, which you can then flow towards the recipient in order to help them relax, open their heart, and receive healing light.
  • Lesson 8: Advanced Angel Energy Healing Session
    In this session, we call upon the highest channeling guides who serve us. Jesus, Archangel Michael, Orion, Archangel Muriel, Archangel Raphael, all merged in divine love, join us.
  • This advanced healing lesson teaches you to ground your energy, allowing Divine light to flow up and down through your chakras, and gradually allowing you to focus on the person you are completing angel energy healing for.
  • You will learn how to clear their chakras, release hurt, pain, negative energy and blockages, and flow cleansing, clarifying healing energy into the specific areas they need it most.
  • You’ll also discover how the Angels cut the cords and roots that have held the recipient down, and be able to flow healing love to them as they are freed.
  • Lesson 9: Vibrating with Pure Love Healing Meditation
    This final session delivers greetings to you from the Council of Light, with a warm embrace of divine love and healing frequency.
  • You’re invited to relax and consciously let go of thought, doubt or worry. You’ll find infinite access to divine light, wisdom and healing.
  • This beautiful session helps you to rejuvenate after an intense healing session, by reconnecting with your Divine healing team, to care for your own soul and higher self.

These Sessions have been recorded for you in MP3 form, so that you can listen to them to them any time, in order to channel healing light into any situation.

You will also receive the Angel Energy Healing Training Course eBook. This is a complete written guide to the course material, that will help you internalize the messages from each of the Healing Audio Sessions.

Not only this, but the Training includes a Certification process for you to become a Certified Angel Energy Healer.

This is entirely optional, of course, but for professional healers this certification is a wonderful opportunity to expand your practice with a powerful new offering.

Finally, I’m including THREE bonus meditations that will teach you how to bring healing to specific situations you will commonly come across:

  • The Earth Healing Tones meditation teaches you how to release negative energy from pieces of land, homes and other buildings
  • The Immune System Boost meditation teaches you how to help people become physically stronger and more resilient, and
  • The Healing Sleep & Pain Relief meditation teaches you how to to bring deep relief to people who have had persistent suffering.

I want to invite you now to join with me in bringing healing to our world today.

At just $297, you get lifetime access to this powerful energy healing modality, including…

  • All 9 of the Energy Healing Audio Sessions
  • The Angel Energy Healing Training E-Book
  • All 3 Bonus Meditations
  • Access to the private Angel Energy Healers Community

PLUS you have the option to become a Certified Angel Energy Healer at no extra cost.

This training is 100% guaranteed. The Angels directed me to share it with as many people as I possibly could, so even if you’re not sure if Angel Energy Healing is the right modality for you, you can get unrestricted access for 30 days with a 100% money-back guarantee.

I’m so convinced that the Angels will show up for you during this course that I want to invite you to take all the sessions, risk-free. If you decide it’s not the right fit for you, just email me within 30 days and I’ll happily refund all of your investment.

Throughout this course, you will learn how to contact and work with your personal Angel Energy Healing team.

This allows you to channel their powerful energy so that you can bring cleansing, uplifting healing to yourself and others.

Once your practice is activated and you’ve learned to channel Angel Energy Healing, this energy of the Divine and of the Angels will always be available to you.

The more you practice Angel Energy Healing, the more energetic clearing and healing you will accomplish for yourself. In turn, this increases the amount of light energy you are able to carry with you at all times, and share with others.

But even if you don’t use this method for years, you can still return to the process at any time. Your Angel Energy Healing team will be right there, ready to assist you when you show up… for the rest of your life.

Here’s what other healers have to say about this course...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Breathtaking Energy…”

“I had my first two Angel Energy Healing sessions yesterday with two wonderful ladies! It was awesome! I had been doing the distance healings as a matter of practice, but, when the client is actually in the room with me while doing the healing, well, OMG!!!!

The energy was sooooo strong it was taking my breath away, I struggled a little with breathing, but knew what to do about that and once I had control over that, it was glorious!"


“Nothing Has Touched My Heart So Deeply…”

“I ordered the Angel Energy Healing class this past Sunday…I just finished the 3rd meditation which literally had me in tears it is so powerful…

I have been a Reiki Master for many years as well as a massage therapist, and nothing has touched my heart so deeply… I have worked with the Angels for about 3 years…This is enhancing all of that work. Thank you and Angel blessings”

John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Receive Wonderful Healing…”

“Working on being a clear channel has been a task done with so much love. The process of healing myself first in order to heal others has been a wonderful experience. The connection that I feel with my Angel Energy Healing Team, my Guides and Divine Light is getting stronger day by day.

I feel like I am a better person since I started to learn Angel Energy Healing, and the process of completing the sessions had showed me some aspects of my personal process of healing.”


“Raise Your Vibrational Level”

"I have done two angel energy healing sessions with others today and the feedback was very positive. I think this is a great course, and the self healing feels wonderful. I didn't know what to expect from this course.

I am a Reiki master/teacher in several Reiki modalities so I love energy healing. I know my vibrational level has been raised and I will keep working with the Angels, my guides, and ascended masters."

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Those are just a few of the stories we’ve heard from people who take this course.

You see, since we launched Angel Energy Healing, I’ve been absolutely swamped with emails and notes from practitioners whose whole lives have changed as a result of the course.

Their healing treatments have become so powerful that their practices have exploded. Word of mouth travels faster than they can keep up with the bookings!

Some practitioners have even had to give the training to other natural healers… just to have someone who can help them care for all their new clients!

People are new to energy healing also experience amazing changes after taking the course:

Relationships that were damaged beyond repair begin healing and bringing positive energy back into their lives.

They wake up without pain...

They lose the fear and negative self-talk that held them back for years…

They find themselves making huge strides in their careers, friendships and personal development...

Their old scars begin to heal, and they can finally free themselves from the cords that stopped them from fulfilling their real potential.

Even I was stunned at some of the letters we’ve received from people who have just been blown away by the results of this course… Here’s what individuals seeking healing have said about it:

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“So Much Healing…”

“Thank you so much for making this beautiful course. I am doing it slowly and feel so much healing from it. I am just going to use it for myself and to give to family and friends.”

- Judith

“Feel Uplifted and Blessed...”

“I have had the most amazing experience going through all the meditations for this course and have had the chance to send healing to loved ones and friends both at home and distance healing with their blessings and thanks. Each time feeling uplifted and ever so thankful. Many Blessings to all with love and light.”

- Kylie
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Release Immense Pain…”

“Thank you Melanie for assisting me in releasing an immense amount of pain, and allowing me a chance to do the same for someone else in the future. Blessings and Love.”

- Budra

“Align More Fully With Your Authentic Path…”

"Angel energy healing is very healing and uplifting, leaving you feeling positive, cleansed and aligned with your inner self and with the divine, aligning more fully with your authentic path and purpose."

- Paula
John Doe UI/UX Designer

As you can see, this stuff is powerful. Really powerful.

So if you are ready to step into the full light and love that is your birthright as a child of the Universe, I invite you to join us today.

To get lifetime access to the 9 Energy Healing Audio Sessions, Angel Energy Healing Training Course Book, 3 Bonus Meditations, optional Certification Course and the private Angel Healers Community, all for just $297.

Now, if you’re wondering, “Is this for real?”, or thinking that it sounds too good to be true, I totally understand.

Connecting with your Angels and experiencing this powerful healing modality does sound incredible...

Which is why I want to make it very clear that Angel Energy Healing is not a ‘quick fix’.

You have to show up and do the work. You have to come face to face with your own wounds, cords, blockages and negative energies… and go through the process of releasing them.

It can take a few sessions to see progress, and it can be hard to stay present and open throughout this cleansing process.

But unlike the other programs that have made you skeptical…

  • You’ll never be left alone with your negative self-talk or doubts
  • You’ll never wonder if you’re ‘hearing things’ right
  • You’ll never have to worry about messing up a healing session...

Because the Angel Energy Healing Training comes directly from the Angels. They’re with you through the entire process.

You also get access to our wonderful private community of Angel Energy Healers - beautiful, enlightened people who will support you on your journey towards healing and powerful freedom.

Now, I want to invite you to join this course - today - for a very important reason.

You see, everyone has wounds, blocks and negative patterns. And the longer you carry those dark energies with you, the heavier they become.

If you don’t address these limiting issues, they can go on to create even more problems for you in the future.

And it’s not just you that is affected.

If you know that people in your life are suffering - and that you could help release them from that suffering - you must know that you are called, in the spirit of Divine love, to do it without delay.

As a healer, the Angels have given you a sacred responsibility. The people in your world need your gifts… so it’s time to step into the light and release your healing abilities.

Imagine how it will feel in your own life to be free of pain, suffering and fear.

Imagine how it will feel in your own life to be free of pain, suffering and fear.

Imagine how confident you’ll feel during healing sessions, knowing that your personal Angel Healing team will show up and help you do the work.

Yes, you read that right. The Angels will help you do the work.

Like I mentioned earlier, as a healer, you become a conduit for healing energies to flow through from the Angels.

When you take this course, you open yourself up to a profound inner transformation. You become a vessel for Divine light and love.

You develop deep insight and empathy, and begin to discover your true, limitless potential. You cultivate a still inner peace that grounds you and allows you to channel your healing gifts into any situation.

This transformation allows you to receive specific insights about the people you will share your healing gift with.

It might be through lifestyle changes, tuning into a belief that needs attention, or simple adjustments in certain relationships…

The Angels will show you how to gently guide your clients to a place of acceptance, self-love and openness, so that they can experience deep healing from your sessions.

Bring deep healing to everyone around you with Angel Energy Healing.

To get lifetime access to the 9 Energy Healing Audio Sessions, Angel Energy Healing Training Course Book, 3 Bonus Meditations, optional Certification Course and the private Angel Healers Community.

This training is 100% guaranteed. The Angels directed me to share it with as many people as I possibly could, so even if you’re not sure if Angel Energy Healing is the right modality for you, you can get unrestricted access for 30 days with a 100% money-back guarantee.

I’m so convinced that the Angels will show up for you during this course that I want to invite you to take all the sessions, risk-free. If you decide it’s not the right fit for you, just email me within 30 days and I’ll happily refund all of your investment.

Join with thousands of other energy healers today, to bring powerful healing and freedom into your world. You risk nothing, and best of all?

You can start channeling Angel Energy Healing immediately.

Just fill out one simple, secure form, and you will get instant access to the course. You don’t have to wait to start bringing Divine light and love into every part of your life.

I’m so thankful you’re joining us to bring this precious healing to our world. I know the Angels are going to do great things through you.

All my blessings and deep gratitude to you today.